In this paper, a technique for upscaling of absolute permeability in the well vicinity on CPG (Corner-Point Geometry) gridblocks is presented. The near-well upscaling procedure is very useful for well performance prediction. It can assure the coherence of well results by using fine grid on coarse grid simulations.

The near-well upscaling procedure is developed for advanced wells in 3D. Transmissibilities are upscaled from Cartesian fine grid issued from a geostatistical to CPG coarse grid used for flow simulations. To overcome the difficulty of complex geometrical intersections between fine gridblocks and coarse gridblocks, three approaches (geometrical approach, numerical approach and topological approach) are proposed and compared for flux upscaling. The topological approach, which needs a topological structure for gridblock regrouping in the vertical direction, seems the most promising. The near-well formation damage, which can be predicted using another numerical model, can also be integrated into the near-well upscaling procedure.

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