The materials present the good practices of Total E&P Qatar to make its crisis management and emergency response effective: the way it is organized and the way the people involved are behaving.

To protect its assets, TEPQ has developed its own Affiliate Emergency Response Plan. In case of emergency response, TEPQ sets different group of people structured in cells. Each cell has its own role in the emergency response, depending on the situation. The cross-functionality between each cell for the application of the emergency response plans is warranted by a central Emergency Response Cell.

Real cases confirmed the effectiveness of the TEPQ emergency response organization. Nevertheless it highlighted the need of having the involved people more comfortable with their role and responsibilities. For this purpose two main actions were taken:

  • The drills and exercises frequency of the cells have been increased;

  • The number of people likely to be involved was decreased to better train them.

As a summary, less people but better trained with more experience.

For the trainings, TEPQ has set-up training matrices, called ComPass, defining the trainings or awareness mandatory for each position. All the employees and contractors involved in the emergency response are namely identified in the ComPass matrix of their site and their training status is followed.

For the experience, each person likely to be involved in one of the emergency response cell participates to weekly tests, monthly table top, three-monthly exercises and yearly large scale exercises.

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