Total E&P Indonesia West Papua (TEPI WP) has been awarded the Southwest Bird's Head block covering 7,176 km2 of area straddling the Salawati and Berau/Bintuni basins and situated both in swamp and offshore at water depth up to 30 m off the coast of West Papua, Indonesia. A well exploration drilling was performed in 2013. The preferred well coordinate located in swamp delta area of Tanjung Suaboor is categorized as remote area and regulated as protected forest by Indonesian Government, covered with naturally dense and diverse mangrove forest, it is ecologically ideal for nursery and spawning ground of fishes and shrimps. The surrounding communities consist of Papua tribes with their unique culture and local tradition which mostly differ from other ethnics in Indonesia. The land right determination by cultural ceremony of Gelar Tikar Adat among local tribes to identify land owner of well location and then continue by compensation to the "chosen- owner" with other cultural ceremony of Ketuk Pintu are some of Papua unique culture that shall be considered.

According to Indonesian Regulation, well exploration drilling activity shall have Environment Management and Monitoring Effort document in which environment and social baseline and impact assessment study are included. TEPI WP has performed the study since early 2012 in cooperation with Environment Research Center from Papua State University, involving intensive coordination with local authorities and socialization to communities to obtain legal and public approval, acceptance, and support for the operations. The document has been approved by Local Environment Authority and got Environment Permit from Head of Regency as a guarantee for drilling operation to be performed on schedule.

This paper highlights the main lessons-learned from the experience completing Environment and Social Baseline and Impact Assessment study of TEPI WP for well exploration drilling in environmentally and socially sensitive remote area.

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