To achieve full compliance with ADNOC HSE guidelines, and to align with ADMA-OPCO management Vision, Mission and values to have one integrated team to optimize oil & Gas production from offshore areas in a safe maner through high performance respecting healthy safety & Environments. Inline with that purpose ADMA-OPCO Drilling Division Rigless Team introduced in year 2000 an innovation & low cost integrated set up to handle well intervention operations in sfae manner. This system were perminantelly installed on also low cost multi-purpose service self propelld jack up barge as below pictures.

The goal to have this integrated set-up, is to handle all well intervention operation in a closed loope work envelop. All fluids produced from the well will be handeld safely with out harming environment. In ADMA OPCO it is commomon / standard practice to carry out acid stimulation post rig operations to enhance well productivity. The well must be cleaned out from spent acid and depries created from acid reaction with Limeston formations (ADMA reservoir). During this clean up the well must be opend on a fully open choke size & low separator pressure which will cause separation for produced fluids (Gas, Oil and water). For water, it is treated & dumped overboard but for oil & gas it the the issue. In the past they were obliged to flaire oil and gas. Since re-injection system introduced oil flaring reduced / eliminated gradually to currently Zero % as well as the gas during clean up and flow test periods. The gas flaring was reduced by more than 75% during the whole operation. This set up provided in a perminant long term contract price which is condidered very cheep price compaired with the total volume of oil re-injected to production facility. Atotal off ±2.5 MM barrels of oil re-injected into production since utilizing the system in 2000 up to date.

These proven practices is currentelly implemented in all fields, where ADMA -OPCO is operating, and also extended to other ADNOC group offshore companies.

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