This paper is developed for highlighting the repeated lifeboat accidents worldwide and the way forward for ensuring prevention of this type of fatal accidents

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    The main purpose of this paper is to achieve two main objectives

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    To draw the attention of ADNOC group offshore companies and others including training centers to the number of lifeboat accidents that have occurred in the past

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    To set and communicate certain control measures for ensuring prevention of this specific type of accidents


Upon receiving that safety flash concerning that lifeboat accident occurred in June 2009, started investigating and gathering information to find out why lifeboat accidents are repeated worldwide and what to do for preventing such type of serious accidents

By reviewing the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) study 1/2001, found that the highest life-loss figures due to lifeboat accidents was the HOOKS/HOOKS RELEASE SYSTEM.

Continued investigation and found out that most of lifeboat coxswains are not fully familiar/aware about the hooks locking mechanism, how does it work, and how to confirm if it is locked or not and finally, it is obvious that most of training centers not focusing on such critical system during the training courses.

On the other side, lifeboats are life saving equipment provided mainly for escape and not to bring personnel back to offshore installations. That is why ADMA-OPCO HSE&QA instructed all ADMA offshore locations not to hoisting-up the lifeboats with personnel inside.

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