Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a systematic, science based food safety management system that identifies and controls the areas that are critical to food safety.

The successful application of HACCP requires the full commitment and involvement of management and the work force. It also requires a multidisciplinary approach by a HACCP team as prescribed by the Codex and an interhierarchical team, which is recommended by the experts in the industry. Dubai Hotel sector is in the process of developing and implementing HACCP system recently. No detailed studies were found made on HACCP teams, especially in hotel sector.

For this research study eleven semi-structured face to face interviews were carried out with HACCP team leaders of Dubai hotels to explore their HACCP teams.

The written transcripts were analysed and it produced both quantitative and qualitative data. It brought out several issues related to the complexities of HACCP team management.

This research study will not tell us about HACCP team across all Dubai hotels but is giving an opportunity to learn in greater depth about how individual businesses form teams, their level, composition, qualifications, age of the team, how they change over a period of time, the challenges they encounter and the positive experience of their HACCP teams. Majority of the HACCP team leaders are happy with their current HACCP team who is continuously trying to improve at all times. But at the same time they also believe that their current HACCP team is not very effective as expected and there is a lot of room for improvement in their effectiveness, performance and participation.

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