Working on offshore installations involves rotation scheme that are very variable; 4 weeks on-4 weeks off, 6 weeks on -3 weeks off, 8 weeks on- 4 weeks off, or even 20 weeks on-4 weeks off.

At TOTAL ABK, we are convinced that human factors make a significant contribution to Health and Safety and that further improvements in HSE performance, over and above those resulting from improvements in engineering and management systems, will only come about if human factors are taken into account.

Committed to tackle this issue and sensible to the increasing international evidence that long working patterns can lead to adverse health effects such as demotivation, anxiety, biological rhythms disturbances, and/or negative sleep patterns, TOTAL ABK Management has decided to implement a comprehensive shift work life style training program and to optimize rotation schemes of key personnel. A thorough assessment was done and the longest rotation periods were reduced without salary cuts on all the employees.

Although the effects of extended work hours and shift patterns on performance is well documented in the international HSE literature, the local expectations are not set in terms of the maximum duration of work assignment in remote locations. Therefore efforts were undertaken by TOTAL ABK to enforce these optimized rotations to key contractors who responded positively.

TOTAL ABK Commitment to reduce the likelihood of accidents and ill health is paramount and the continuous strive to eradicate any latent sources of risk to Health and Safety of its personnel has been successfully demonstrated with this initiative.

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