Committed to zero tolerance to hydrocarbon release, TOTAL ABK leak task force has developed and implemented an optimized tool for systematic quantification, recording, reporting, identifying root cause and perform trend analysis for all hydrocarbon releases. The innovative solution delivered is a powerful excel datasheet: the leak declaration register. This document is an incredibly simplified electronic tracking tool that integrates creative know how in many aspects of tackling leaks follow up, classification and standardization. The following key improvements were obtained:

  • An accurate and consistent identification of the leak rate, as well as key factors such as leak size, pressure, category of the leaking equipment, location, etc,

  • A precise quantification of hydrocarbon quantity released independently of the fluid type,

  • A precise mitigation and corrective measures with key person in charge as well as a follow-up of repair status

  • A very detailed classification of the leak but also a standardised root cause identification (degradation of material properties, fatigue, corrosion, inadequate installation or procedure) allowing sound reporting,

  • The ability to perform reliable trend analysis and, based on the current year available, the data allowed a clear focus on selected platforms where a significant higher number of gland leaks was recorded. Thanks to this, an optimized maintenance schedule was delivered, enhancing operational efficiency.

  • A systematic application for classification and reporting.

By consolidating hydrocarbon release data collection, data analysis and reporting, the learnings and improvements can be greatly facilitated. Benefits are to standardize the classification of leaks, improve reporting and trend analysis by having consistent approach.

This work has helped confirm TOTAL ABK's reputation as a facility that values environmental protection, worker health and safety.

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