Recent events in the Gulf of Mexico, Australia and Japan bring to focus the importance of having an effective emergency management organization. This paper reviews the process of building an appropriate level of organizational capacity to support an Oil and Gas Operation in times of crisis.

Any team providing support during an emergency will benefit from having a structured plan to train, test and enhance its abilities to respond effectively and efficiently during crisis.

Total-ABK along with Petrofac Training Services embarked on a 2 year journey to develop and enhance its crisis management capabilities. Efforts began with the re-writing of the affiliate emergency plans to comply with company rules, local regulations and the International Command Structure (ICS). Following the re-write, efforts focused on training staff members for the on-shore emergency crisis team (ERCT) in their specific duties and functions. These staff came from various backgrounds with differing levels of experience.

The Company developed a tiered-approach to training the ERCT that began with:

  • Classroom training on the ERP and its contents

  • Structured workshops with the ERCT on the Emergency Response Plan, their specific duties and responsibilities

  • Table top exercises aimed a building confidence for all team members

  • Targeted exercises with escalations in situational complexity

  • Joint scenario workshops with on-shore and offshore participation

  • Communications and media training

  • Call-out exercises to test the emergency hailing system

  • Live field exercises with real-life scenarios

The lessons from Total-ABK's efforts include:

  • A structured and tiered approach builds a high degree of confidence in the participants

  • The system of situational escalations pushes participants to anticipate changing conditions and complexity

  • The tiered-training system allows integration of new ERCT members at anytime.

  • An overall sense of confidence in the organization's ability to respond to crisis.

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