A Comprehensive Nomenclature for Physical Training Simulations and their Relevance to Safety Training for Oil and Gas

This paper has three parts. First it reviews the research conducted on training simulations in science, technology, business and oil and gas. In the second part this paper proposes a comprehensive nomenclature for training simulations. In the third part a survey/study will be conducted on simulation training methods currently in use in ADNOC group companies.


The review provides an analysis of problems in research and limitations including poor design, questionable measures of successful learning and the lack of a consistent and comprehensive nomenclature to distinguish very different simulations. Mega studies on training simulations tend to lump all physical simulations together often showing inconsistent results which may be due to the variable nature of the simulations themselves. The comprehensive nomenclature introduced should allow research on simulations with like characteristics to be grouped together thus producing more consistent and valid results.

Results Observations and Conclusions

The research review concludes that while simulation training is effective, further research is needed to determine what aspects and levels of simulation most effectively enhance learning. In the study a comparative analysis yet to be conducted will then determine how practices in the ADNOC group compare with those in the reviewed literature. In addition the effectiveness of simulation training methods within and across the ADNOC companies will be evaluated in terms of principles practiced elsewhere.


The clear and comprehensive nomenclature of simulation provided should facilitate research on the impact and effectiveness which different characteristics contribute to learning. This should enable research to determine the ideal design of safety training simulations in oil and gas. The results of the ADNOC study should indicate where and how enhanced safety training simulations can benefit the group.

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