The increase in the field of awareness of well risk ranking and integrity compliance has increased the concerns about the integrity assurance of the surface barriers. In order to safeguard the asset integrity and flow assurance, it is becoming increasingly important to adequately service and maintain the Xmas tree to confirm the well integrity and ensure the surface barrier against hydrocarbon leakage can be relied upon in the event of an emergency.

This paper describes the process the risk ranking process of the Xmas tree as the last surface barrier. It explains the criticality of valve components and risk rank of the Xmas tree finally leading to the overall risk rank of the well. It also priorties the maintance jobs priority for the failed components of each risk ranked Xmas tree. All possible scenarios of the valve failure in Xmas tree are considered in this matrix. It also describes the shift in the maintenance strategy of the Xmas tree to reduce the number of high risk wells.

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