Umm Shaif Field have twenty six Caisson Legs at different platforms namely six at USAP, Six at USEAP, four at PGP and 10 at WIP.

A fatal accident occurred in November 2000 as a result of an explosion inside the confined compartment around the caisson leg "SB" of Power Generation Barge (PGB)).

The investigation following the incident identified several recommendations one of which was to remove the blasting grit laying inside the caisson legs that had accumulated over last 20–25 years from blast cleaning operations.

As part of a pilot study the blasting grit and the biocide treated water was removed on one of the legs (PA at USAAP) and it was retained in an in empty condition, as a pilot project.

As part of this the Integrity Division decided to protect the inside of the leg by applying a Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor and Corrosion Monitor Program.

This Innovative pilot example on Caisson leg US 52 internal protection technique, has happened for the first time in ADMA and considered as actual pioneer example in all offshore located OPCOs.

The weight loss corrosion coupons will be checked after one year in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the newly applied VPCI and if all the tests prove conclusive then the dry leg system will be implemented in all the Caisson legs on all the platforms.

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