Gas Processing Facility (GPF) project achieved Zero flaring

1.7million standard cubic feet per day (41.65 tons) gas recovered thru Vapor Recovery System and protect the environment by reducing;

  • CO2 : 3,924 tons/yr

  • CO: 123.6 tons/yr

  • NOx: 21.6 tons/yrs

    • Total gas recovered: 612 million standard cubic feet per year

    • Revenue saving: 835,380 US$/year

Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU):

Under this unit, gases from the Tertiary Ethyl Glycol (TEG)Dehydration package and vents from compressors dry gas seals are recovered/captured and compressed in the VRU and then sent to the suction for the main gas compressor for reuse instead of going to flare

Gas Processing Project (GPF) at Zakum complex is a new gas treatment platform that will augment the existing gas processing capacity of the Zakum West Super Complex. It will increase the associated gas production from Zakum oilfield. The beauty of this project is that ADMA has employed the Zero flaring policy. There will be no flaring at all at this platform. This is one of the unique project of its nature in the ADNOC group of companies, even in Emirates and could be in the whole middle east where is there would be NO flaring. We have designed flare as well in this project but that would be used only for emergencies.

GPF is a stand alone platform with independent utilities and support facilities. The GPF platform is 67.5 meter in length and 43 meters in width. GPF is located at Zakum oilfield, offshore facility about 65 kilometer Northwest of Abu Dhabi. This platform has three main decks, cellar, mezzanine and main. The flare structure consists of a 120 meter long flare bridge with a 80m above sea level angled boom. The distance from the flare tip to the GPF platform is150 m.

There will not be any flaring during normal operation of the GPF, as Zero flaring technology is installed. Hydrocarbon from the GPF platform will be recovered using a Vapour Recovery Unit (VRU) facility. Flaring will only be undertaken during emergency conditions.

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