During the past two decades drilling safety had been improving on an exponential basis from reactive era to proactive era until 2006 where the drilling division achieved a world class HSE performance. A new strategy was adopted in 2008 after a slowdown in performance in 2007.

Investigation of our LTI for 2007 has shown a lack of commitment from the management on rig site and a lot of unsafe behaviour. As a result, all the training efforts were focused on these two strategic axes: Human behaviour and Management commitment on rig site; resulting in an outstanding performance in 2008.

This paper will show how HSE performance of ADCO drilling Division has improved from 1998 till today and explain the different steps went through and how finally reached one full year without LTI (from the 29th of September 2007 until 29th of September 2008). This result was due to top management strategic orientation, where on the 30th of September 2007 all the rigs were shut down for six hours and all the top Management team went on a high profile visit to all the rigs to their commitment to safety. Since then high profile visit is conducted on a weekly basis to maintain the awareness of the crews and was one of the key success to an outstanding performance for the year 2008 where the LTIF was 0.09; the lowest ever in ADCO Drilling history.

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