"We Believe Contractors are our Partners in Business"

Business partners carryout majority of our activities. Drilling is the most hazardous real estate on the earth. We do not differentiate Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) and Business partners while reporting HSE Statistics as we share their sorrow and happiness equally (Every incident occurs in any area of operation with our Business Partners is counted as KOC incident).

We own and take the responsibility to investigate all the incidents and lessons learned are shared on weekly basis with all our Rigs & other groups of KOC to prevent recurrence of such incidents in future.


  • Effective coordination to create a better partnership

  • Duty of Care demonstration by the leadership

  • Improve the image of the company (Both KOC & Business partners)

  • Compliance to HSE MS procedures of KOC and Business partners through proper bridging.

As appropriate to the risks associated with drilling operations, the evaluation and selection process for the business partners shall consider the adequacy of their HSE Management practices, their HSE performance record and their ability to perform work in a responsible manner consistent with the KOC HSE Management System. Risk register is prepared to identify all the hazards and risks associated with the operations, camp and office areas and communicated to the business partners to consider during risk assessments at rig sites. This risk register is reviewed on yearly basis and/or whenever there is an occurrence of serious incidents in drilling operations. Appropriate recommendations will be captured in the risk register and addressed.

We do identify the interfaces between KOC and our Business partners and effectively managed. KOC shall provide clear deliverables and performance standards like HSE KPIs shall be agreed and monitor compliance to the set KPIs on monthly basis and detailed review on Quarterly basis. Also we have a bridging document with the KOC and Business partners HSE MS to ensure both are in the same page when it comes to HSE Management.

A training matrix is also provided in line with KOC HSE MS and business partners are advised to comply to the matrix and majority of the times they supersedes our requirements which is a good sign as we consider.

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