The leading causes of death are cancer, diabetes, and heart disease which are occurring at alarming rates in the UAE population. Our company's aim is to avoid these diseases by improving employee's health and encouraging them to practice prevention. We have achieved this goal by implementing an innovative approach to health through our flagship program the Health Monitoring Management System (HMMS).

The HMMS is designed to evaluate and classify the health of every employee, as well as promote wellness and disease prevention. Employees are then given a consultation with a holistic doctor to evaluate their health, diet, and lifestyle. Employees are educated about disease prevention and healthy lifestyles through mandatory trainings, publications, daily SMS, and health events. And finally, periodic medical evaluations are performed on employees to follow their progress throughout their employment.

Through our HMMS we have seen a 5% decrease in the number of employees who smoke, a 19% decrease in high triglycerides, a 40% decrease in high cholesterol, a 2% decrease in diabetes rates, and a 9% decrease in obesity rates. Since Implementation of the HMMS 8 years ago, the statistics demonstrate that our workforce is becoming healthier. The HMMS has extended its influence beyond our companies’ employees to reach families, clients, contractors, and visitors. Some of the initiatives include "Know Your Body" training, Health Week, Healthy Lifestyle coaching, cooking healthy, understanding food labels, sports, and exercise programs. The HMMS encompasses health from both a conventional and holistic point of view so as to ensure optimal health and wellbeing.

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