HSE Team South and East Kuwait Directorate have taken the initiative to assess work related stress in S&EK directorate. The survey covered 124 employees who are working in the field offices (Burgan New Complex) from different Groups and 54 employees FD-S&EK employees who are working in Ahmadi new complex, and 56 employees shift workers whom are working in production operations and water handling. detailed questionnaire was used to collect stress related information from employees themselves, such as Bio data and general Information, Physical Health, Sources work pressure, Coping Strategies and finally their suggestions that could help them to reduce work stress.

Health Effects Findings are:

  • 59% feeling exhausted sometimes and unable to sleep.

  • 56% are complained that their tendency to eat or drink is decreased sometimes.

  • 56% are complained from headache sometimes

  • 47% feeling depression sometimes

Causes of work related stress:

A- Demand Factor:

  • 88% were found that their work require taking important decision.

  • 88% having too much work to do.

  • 84% have to work for long hours

B- Control:

  • 59% complained from unfair distribution of work.

  • 41% found that lack of participation in decision making is source of stress.


  • 56% complained from lack of consultation and Communication

  • 41% complained from lack of involvement & information


  • 56% having Lack of consultation and communication.

E- Role:

  • 59% complained that they dont receive adequate training.

F-Support Factor:

  • 66% complaining of lack of encouragement by superiors

  • 53% feeling that their work is not valued.

The significant of the study is it presents recommendations to reduce the work related stress for both the organization and for each employee's group (office workers and shift workers)

Shift-Worker recommendations was categorized into

  1. Dietary and Eating

  2. Patterns

  3. Sleep and

  4. Social Activities

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