This paper describes how recently graduated new hires in Saudi Aramco E&P are provided with an early induction to HSE as a critical component of their professional careers. All recently graduated new hires will participate in a 13-week program that prepares them to immediately contribute to their line organizations. The modules of the program cover several technical and nontechnical competencies, on-boarding young professionals to professional work in Saudi Aramco. This paper presents a review of the first module of the program, the "Safety First" week. The design, development and implementation of the course are presented, demonstrating how young professionals are engaged in this critical issue at an early stage of their careers. These efforts complement the corporate-wide initiatives and operations-specific certifications and training that professionals will regularly participate in.

By using concepts of instructional design, the program integrates HSE topics in a manner that will be engaging to the participants, with a focus on activity-based learning complemented by minimal classroom instruction. Participants in the program will understand the importance of HSE in the industry as a whole and in the context of each individual discipline, and understand the HSE-related behaviors and workflows required in their jobs. Participants will learn and apply proper HSE behaviors and tasks in both office and field environments.

The focus on HSE issues in the petroleum industry has evolved into a critical formal component of most workflows, permeating all stages of the exploration and producing life cycle. By weaving HSE into the early formal training for new hires in an engaging manner, Saudi Aramco is ensuring that upstream E&P young professionals enter the workforce with an appreciation of the importance of HSE that will stay with them throughout their careers.

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