HSE Culture and performance:

This paper describes how the key tools and techniques are applied to change the HSE culture of a national Exploration & Production company and presents examples of general use for performance oriented reporting in mid size companies. HSE culture of a national affiliate of a large multi-national oil corporation, which was initially very much focused on reporting achievement of figures and not actual progress, was driven to achieve Strategic HSE Objectives by application of the measurement and reporting of meaningful and achievable objectives.

Setting the Strategy and Objectives:

The HSE culture and performance of the E&P Company was very low and mainly driven by bureaucracy and a blaming culture. Over a period of 6 years, HSE initiatives were developed and implemented based on a top down strategy for the multi national group based on an E&P vision, taking into consideration key external drivers for the E&P business. A gap analysis against best industry practices and a defined corporate peer group verified the focus on key issues. For key benchmarks KPI's, targets and key accountabilities were defined.

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