This paper describes Yemen LNG's innovative approach to managing Yemen's cultural heritage during construction of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant at Balhaf and a 320 km gas supply pipeline, both of which are located in one of the richest archaeological areas in a country with a rare and deep cultural history. Yemen LNG has developed a Cultural Heritage Action Plan (CHAP) to translate Yemen LNG's commitments and strategy for cultural heritage preservation and conservation in all its operational areas into practical actions. Although Yemen LNG-initiated cultural heritage actions should complement national cultural heritage management priorities to be effective, such a national strategy does not yet exist. Yemen LNG is therefore pioneering cultural heritage management in Yemen through its CHAP. Yemen LNG's presentation of the CHAP, and its objectives and actions to Government, and public and private stakeholders is discussed. The feedback it has received from stakeholders is also presented and evaluated.

This paper summarises the:

  • cultural heritage of the Balhaf plant site and along the pipeline corridor;

  • main goals and priority objectives for preserving and conserving the cultural heritage present;

  • methods and mechanisms for achieving these objectives in the form of an action list;

  • phased approach to implementing actions initially during construction and then during plant operations; and

  • status of implementation for the actions addressed in the CHAP.

As cultural heritage preservation is not only an essential cultural consideration but also an increasingly important legal and economic requirement, the CHAP also addresses cultural heritage related matters in contexts beyond the Yemen LNG project area.

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