A new initiative to enhance drilling performance has been introduced to the industry. The initiative is based on close cooperation between the Operator and the Service Company as well as the integration of planning and real time drilling solutions to significantly reduce operational cost and non-productive time.

The paper shows how a risk management and loss control framework can be used to combine the technical expertise and drilling measurements provided by Schlumberger, with the knowledge and experience of the operators to develop solutions for enhanced drilling performance. Teamwork and establishment of good communication systems are essential factors in getting the solutions implemented.

Some of the key drilling areas where the strategy and tools have been applied are:

  1. Stuck Pipe and Lost in Hole (LIH) Avoidance

  2. Drillstring Failure Prevention

  3. Wellbore Stability and Losses

  4. Drilling Efficiency, ROP and Bit Optimization

  5. Pore Pressure analysis and Influx prevention

This paper describes the experience of the PERFORM strategy applied in several locations around the world. Examples will be presented from projects that have been completed in a range of geographic and drilling conditions, where clients have reported reductions of NPT from an average of 40% to 4%, finishing hole section 10-14 days ahead of schedule.

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