The company is involved in drilling and workover activities and has currently 28 rigs operating in both Onshore & Offshore locations. Due to the large number and variety of equipment, formulation of a maintenance strategy to cater for the maintenance needs of all the above has become very complex. Initially jobs were done on a monthly basis & involved a lot of paper work and clerical time. There was no reliable means of automatically or manually updating the job completion hence a need was felt to have a computerised Preventive maintenance system.

With the formulation of the Maintenance Strategy in 1994, it was decided to go in for an optimum mix of Preventive, Predictive and Breakdown maintenance aiming to achieve equilibrium between them. As part of the Preventive maintenance exercise the company installed a computerised maintenance program designed to cover most of the equipment on the rigs. The same was installed on all the rigs in August 1996. As part of the Predictive maintenance exercise, procedures for overhaul/inspection of equipment were developed. Condition monitoring tools were introduced and some already in force were extended to cover more equipment. To minimise breakdown time standard repair workscope, overhaul procedures & spare parts lists were developed. To ensure that the workforce was geared to meet any eventuality, in-house training programs have been designed and personnel have been sent on specialised training programs so as to enhance the skill and know-how of latest maintenance techniques.

These measures have resulted in significant improvement in equipment availability and decreases in mean time between overhauls. Downtime for engines has reduced by 35.5% and in the case of Hoisting & Rotating equipment it has reduced by 33.97% as compared to the year 1994. In the case of Electrical, BOP & Controls & Mud system the downtime has reduced by 83.9%, 84.9% & 70.7 % resp. as compared to the average downtime in the year 1994.

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