It is generally accepted that the effective management of HSE is an essential aspect of drilling industry. This is particularly so during a period of manpower and cost reduction when it is important to ensure that budget constraints do not lead to lower standards of, for example, manpower training or equipment maintenance. Indeed, it is in these very circumstances that it must be recognized that properly directed expenditure on HSE can lead to an overall reduction in costs.

The management process is often described in terms of a simple control system. The manager must establish the overall objectives, develop and implement plans to achieve the objectives, and then monitor progress and exercise control until the ultimate goal is achieved.

The real challenge facing management is to organize, equip and motivate the two different operations group (offshore and onshore) of personnel to have something done. This applies equally to HSE although the ultimate aim is quite different since it is to ensure that certain things never happen. Having this accepted by managers and supervisors who are accustomed to being judged on their achievements is a particular difficulty we have to face.

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