Oil and gas companies continuously invest on digital transformation, to economically improve logistics workflow and enhance service providers interaction. A unique digital solution has been designed to automate business processes and reduce unexpected deviations from drilling operation execution process; to avoid unplanned costs and delays affecting overall drilling performance. The manuscript will focus on drilling process modifications and performance impact resulted from implementing drilling forecasting approach for materials and services.

Company and Software Provider jointly developed and implemented drilling forecast Report on top of existing reporting system to support drilling operations execution as per short- and long-term plans set earlier. Overall workflow and interconnection logic of steps were defined based on current Company's Standard Operating Procedures detailing Drilling Operation Policies and Instructions. Which ensured the software solution to be fully compliant with Company requirement. The developed automated Report passed a series of comprehensive tests in real conditions and after proven success; was decided to be implemented in Production environment to be efficiently utilized.

Following the specific logic of Company's drilling operations execution, the automated forecast report improved planning procedures and automated the information exchange between Company and respective Service Providers to support smooth logistics of materials and personnel that required to be delivered to rig sites or removed from it. Implementation of first phase required strong dedication of drilling engineers, the developed report was designed to eventually lighten the current workload and release additional man-hours in future to analyze and optimize existing procedures. As a digital solution, the report was designed to gather required information from different data sources and automatically compare it with current drilling operations status; to evaluate current phase and predict accordingly the next 10 days of forecast for drilling operations, materials to be prepared and personnel to be located. Which helped to assure materials and field engineers availability on rig site on time. Assuring cost saving and avoiding unplanned logistics costs due to potential deviation and optimized overall Company's financial burden.

The forecast report is being developed to be auto generated and shared on daily basis for all rigs to be available for all suppliers on daily basis.

Automated forecast Report implanted on top of existing database is enriching current reporting system. Utilizing a digital and automated approach for forecasting daily operation and planning tool for services and materials ahead of time would improve drilling performance efficiency, eliminate any unwanted delays and complement Company's digital strategy.

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