Weak formations which require isolation from elevated hydrostatic pressures during cementing operations have always been a challenge in the oil and gas industry. This paper will discuss the impact of deploying V0 Multi-Stage Cementing tool in terms of cement quality, well integrity and cost optimization.

The losses experienced throughout the extended 9-5/8" casing strings resulted in reduction of the cement quality exposing the full well integrity to higher risks. Meetings have been held between engineering, material, production optimization and operation teams to evaluate the current performance and identify methods for improvement. V0 Multistage cementing tool was introduced as a unique solution which would assure reaching expected well integrity, overcoming hydrostatic pressure challenges, and eliminating risks of poor cement quality in the corrosive environment gas well applications.

V0 Multistage cement tool has been successfully deployed for cases where elevated hydrostatic pressure was considered an issue, showing success in providing the required cement quality. Alternative methods to provide similar quality would be Liner hanger system followed by a tie back which would involve more associated cost, rig time and equipment.

Wells with high differential pressures due to fluid losses have been successfully resolved avoiding risks of performing single stage cementing, compromising zonal integrity of weaker formations and poor cement quality.

Qualified V0 Multistage cementing tool as per (ISO) 14310 V0 standard has been deployed, where gas-tight mechanical packer has enabled more reliable multistage cementing jobs for deep gas applications which ensured consistent and reliable gas-tight well integrity.

V0 Multistage tool was considered an economical solution reducing the cost by 70% compared to alternative solutions, reducing average of 3 rig days.

The paper will introduce the optimum economic solution for recurrent cementing challenges in both onshore and offshore operations. Utilizing latest technologies to retain wellbore integrity, eliminate unnecessary costs and reduce rig time.

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