As wells completed with wireline retrievable downhole safety valves are becoming mature, issues related to seal bore and nipple profile tend to develop, causing the safety valve to be non-integral. Without a fully functioning downhole safety valve, these wells cannot produce and must be shut in. One option to overcome this issue is to utilize an Insert Valve Carrier (IVC) connected to the existing downhole safety valve (DHSV). The IVC has an anchoring mechanism to hang the system on depth, replacing the function of the damaged nipple. Also, it is equipped with upper and lower sealing elements to seal across the existing control line outlet in the tubing providing hydraulic fluid to operate the safety valve. An electronic setting tool sets the anchors at the pup joint slightly above the safety valve nipple while positioning the sealing elements across the control line outlet. The system is simple to use and can easily be set with Slickline, Electric Line, or Coiled Tubing with CCL capability for correlation or a No-go assembly.

Several successful jobs were conducted between 2021-2022 in 4-1/2″ and 7″ completions in the Offshore Abu Dhabi field. Before mobilization, System Integrity Test is performed to ensure the system passes the pressure test and the safety valve functions properly. In this operation, the IVC and the safety valve were set using an Electric Line, taking advantage of real-time reading from the CCL for correlation. Once on depth, a signal was sent from the surface, setting the anchors and sealing elements. A normal procedure to apply pressure in the control line was performed. When the pressure holds, it provides a positive indication that the packing elements seal properly. An inflow test on the flapper was performed to confirm its integrity. Following the installation, flow tests were performed at different rates to ensure the system worked fine and evaluate the potential. This system has successfully restored the downhole safety valve functionality, which permits the wells to produce again after being inactive for a long time. In addition, the success of this system eliminates the need for expensive workovers.

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