This subject Well was drilled as water alternative gas injector in Al Nouf field to optimize and support the pressure sustainability of multiple producer wells across reservoir formation based on MRC / ERD approach. The well have high departure so in order to attain the subsurface targets the production casing needs to be extended.

This paper will outline the planning and execution of successfully deployed the longest production casing in ADNOC Onshore well using hydraulically rotating shoe.

Planning of this well commenced by meetings and collaboration with subsurface operation and reservoir team with the common objective of drilling a smooth section of over 16,473ft as tangent with max inclination of 83 deg.

All the associated risks were highlighted and mitigated by proper planning and engineering analysis such as trajectory, additional wipers trips, collision risks, BHA, hydraulics and casing design.

Inhouse research was done to find a quick solution to cater challenge in deploying long production casing down to section TD. A hydraulically operated reamer shoe was then selected to encounter the challenge with some risk mitigation in place.

The 9 5/8" casing was successfully landed at the target depth of 16,473 feet and subsequently cemented. All the efforts of hole cleaning, dedicated wiper trip played important role in deploying long intermediate case to section TD. Utilization of rotating shoe played a significant role in clearing the ledges and tight hole due to challenging formation.

Rotating shoe was the first deployment in the well where it was identified as a challenging well context and had limited regional experienced. Several previous cases casing being held up in the first run. Despite the fact that a wiper trip has smoothened the hole condition, the parameters that were captured during the running.

The detailed analysis and operation feedback from casing running job and subsequent operation will be beneficial to provide other operators in assessing the minimum requirement and suitability of this technology utilization to overcome the drilling challenge.

This technical paper will show the importance of this project, with the lessons learned, challenges and its mitigation explained in this paper will support the idea to plan and drill the pilot hole and data acquisition in re-entry wells efficiently with key cost savings also will lead to many more successful dual casings exits for future wells.

Successful Deployment Of Longest 9 5/8" Production Casing Across Highly Deviated ERD Well

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