As part of a brainstorming exercise that was conducting, on finding ways to lower well operation and intervention duration and have a better allocation of the Drilling function resources. The idea of using the rigless equipment came into play, prompting a trail in business year 2022. The main objective of this newly developed initiative was to look into opportunities where it could be made use of the light rigless intervention which involves the use of light rigless intervention, which involves the use of specialized equipment and techniques to perform the planned well services rather than the use of a conventional rig or/and heavy equipment. Based on that, an exercise conducted in conjunction with the drilling operation teams was carried out, to review and check the drilling workover schedule for potential wells. The scope of work was defined, cases were studied, and the required resources were prepared. The rigless intervention campaign scope has been completed within planned schedule and budget in addition to these types of light interventions enable use fewer equipment footprint, offer improved safety compared to traditional methods by control risks to workers and use of smaller crew members, and leave a remarkable reduction in carbon emission footprint on each well location which in turn makes a positive differences when it compared with conventional rig-based operations.

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