Coiled Tubing (CT) operations on small platforms pose multiple challenges, more so at a monopod. Resolution of apparent challenges, including worksite limitations and returns handling, led to new issues that needed to be addressed and overcome. This paper will discuss in detail, the case study of a CT Catenary campaign that addressed all challenges resulting in the first execution of high-complexity sand cleanout operations on a monopod platform at offshore Sabah, Malaysia by the Operator.

The approach commonly used in the region to perform sand cleanout at small platforms is using a work barge or workboat-assisted CT with sand-handling equipment placed on the platform's main deck. For this monopod facility, in addition to adopting a CT catenary solution to reduce monopod deck loading, further load reduction requirements on the structure necessitated a reassessment of sand-handling equipment placement, specifically on the supporting workboat. This approach required the development of safe, effective, and practical returns management between the workboat and the platform.

During the planning stage, the team established that a compact and fit-for-purpose operational set-up was required to meet the approved project economics. It was identified that detailed program engineering, comprehensive operational planning, personnel competency upskilling, and specific equipment optimizations would collectively be critical to the success of the sand cleanout campaign. In addition to the main scope of removing sand build-up in the well completions, the campaign also involved additional CT fishing and pumping activities. These additional scopes required the work program to be sufficiently robust to address potential operational contingencies yet flexible enough to meet all scope requirements for the equipment layout without the workboat having to return to the mobilization port for layout changes.

The value presented in this paper comes from the comprehensive and detailed discussion of all technical and operational issues resolved by the Operator and its Solution Partner, in performing CT catenary cleanouts at a remote, small-size monopod facility. The paper also shares the final configuration and arrangement by which the campaign was executed and completed for insight sharing and further improvements.

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