This paper conducts the technical process on optimization of gas wells completion string design/equipment used in Onshore UAE E&P. The traditional Gas completion comprised of using Polished Bore Receptacle (PBR) which was then optimized using tubing move simulation and by introducing packer of higher envelop. This is a step change because it reduce cost, hazards and operational time for well completion.

Methods, Procedures, Process

Currently in Onshore UAE E&P there is a practice of using Polished Bore Receptacle (PBR) for all gas wells (Injectors and Producer). This results in higher casing additional cost, completion cost and operational risk to well completion compared to oil completion. The proposal is to remove the PBR based on tube moving analysis, introducing packer with wide envelop, reviewing and analyzing Worldwide History. The process included selecting the candidate wells with various injectors and producers profiles, gathering the data, carryout tube moving analysis for different packers and based on the results, the PBR's can removed or included in the completion string.

The basic function of the PBR is to accommodate the effect of extreme well conditions (temperature and pressure) during well treatment and production/injection. The two main components of PBR system are the polished bore itself and a seal assembly. It is pinned in a shear up position, assembled on the completion string, and run in the well above the Packer. The pins are sheared by application of upper forces during completion operation; there by making completion running operation complex, increasing hazards and risk factors, and increased operational time. During well life the PBR can be a possible cause of Sustained Annulus Pressure (SAP A) in case of failure of seal assembly. Limiting the use of PBR based on tube moving simulation resulted in reducing equipment and operational cost of the well completion and additionally reducing a potential risk factor of SAP A during well life.

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