In recent years, many companies have deployed AI-based monitoring systems to detect unsafe act and conditions on industrial setups in real time. Although such technology has proven its capability, the industry hasn't shown a rush toward its usage as what we experienced on (e.g., ChatGPT). This fact shows that using AI integration into closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras alone is not enough to maximize such technologies in industrial setups and processes despite their huge development.

An offshore drilling rig has an extremely harsh working environment, which involves people of a wide variety of professions and cultures. Therefore, any solutions that aim to mitigate risks there must engage all sectors and stockholders, be based on existing culture and comply with current procedures on rigs. This is neither an easy nor an impossible mission.

A key objective of this practice was to build an AI-based platform that would not only benefit end users in various levels and prove the technology capability, but also deliver values. Therefore, to create the most efficient AI-based platform for everyone, cutting-edge noise reduction technology, risk assessments, and technology capabilities were aligned with existing safety procedures, reporting systems, and management cultures.

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