Scarcity of water resources in UAE and affording a nonstop water supply for drilling operation was always a concern.

The main objective of availing a fit for purpose solution was:

  1. Saving the underground water resources.

  2. Cost optimization:

    • Saving the cost of Haulage transportation. (30-50%)

    • Save the Total Value of waste disposal injection package.

    • Saving the cost of salt as the treatment technologies is designed to save the salt content.

  3. HSE advantage by reducing the Transportation requirements.

  4. Simple to implement in all ADNOC rigs fleet

  5. Not affect the rig operation.

Dewatering of the waste drilling fluid It is the most common and promising treatment technology. Dewatering It is the most common and promising drilling fluids waste treatment technology, this technology depends on 2 simple Mechanisms which is Coagulation and Flocculation (chemical treatment)

  • Coagulation is the water treatment process that causes very small, suspended particles to attract one another and form larger particles.

  • Flocculation is the water treatment process where the coagulated particles (pinpoint flocs) bridge together resulting in larger, more shear resistant structures that settle faster with less carryover of solid particles into the separated water.

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