Responding to requirements of Operator Company in Abu Dhabi to automate and strengthen processes of running casing and tubing, a patented digital solution has been implemented, which timestamps all key phases of the tubulars’ lifecycle from rig receipt to running then to rig return, while enabling continuous improvement through post-running data analytics.

The solution relies on unique individual pipe traceability, through a combination of different methods of marking such as – data matrix, RFID & barcodes. These markings are read using a variety of digital tools including – smartphones, tablets & cameras.

The solution has already been deployed in North & South America, Europe, and Asia, totaling over 100 successful jobs worldwide. Operator Company in Abu Dhabi was the first operator in the Middle East to try the solution in 2022.

The below section summarizes the solution results based on the feedback from the first three wells piloted by Abu Dhabi Oil Company. The value chain is broken down into three key categories as follows:

  • Pre-running: the solution brought an increased level of quality control paired with an automatically generated pre-tally list. Further to this, an increase in personnel is safety assisted by a reduction in tubular handling and removal of personnel from high-risk positions.

  • During running: the accuracy of the running sequence was ensured by the utilization of the solution ‘‘Watchdog Alerts’. These highlighted to the user any deviation from the original plan, preventing error and minimizing any downtime generated. All of this was made available in real-time in a cloud environment to anyone within the Operator Company with credentials for accessing the system.

  • Post-running: monitor and compare rig performances through digitally enabled data analytics

In conclusion, significant cost reduction (from 15 to 45 k$ per job for a 70k$ rig day rate), mitigating risks of non-productive time by reducing human errors (from 5 to 15 hours per job), ensuring safety and integrity of the well and enabling operators to track its assets and monitor running operations in real-time.

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