In oil and gas drilling industry, drilling fluid plays a vital role and is being circulated through out the drilling operation from spudding to completion. Drilling fluid provides hydrostatic stability to wellbore. It is also used to cool down the downhole tools. In addition to the above mentioned functions, drilling fluid is responsible to carry cuttings to surface, provide lubricity and stabilize shale formation. There are variety of chemicals added to drilling fluid to provide properties viscosity, density, emulsion stability, lubricity and fluid loss control. Developing environmentally friendly additives. Development of drilling fluid chemicals that are sustainable and benign to environment to provide the aforementioned properties is a significant step towards achieving sustainability and reducing carbon footprint besides suitability for drilling across aquifers and offshore environments. We have studied the applicability of used cooking oil to obtain fatty acid and their derivatives and evaluated its performance as emulsifiers and lubricants for drilling fluid applications.

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