Majority of organizations endeavor to reduce operating costs and improve operational efficiencies. The concept of Mechanical Specific Energy (MSE) has long been implemented in the industry to improve drilling performance. The Drilling Real time Operations Center (RTOC) has taken the concept of MSE beyond its traditional approach by developing a Drilling Performance Measure combining data science and statistics to benchmark drilling efficiency.

To extract maximum value from the available database, a workflow was developed to construct a Drilling Efficiency Benchmarking Tool. The different steps will be described for performing the data ingestion, cleansing, selection (offset well selection), methodology of computing the statistical model for MSE baseline per Formations and visualization of the output (charts and logs), to compare the actual MSE with baseline and thereby measuring the performance efficiency.

The offset wells analysis results show that the workflow can construct an MSE baseline using high frequency data in a meaningful way, which is then set as a target envelope and projected through the real-time platform for monitoring and intervention purposes. This implementation of real-time MSE benchmarking helps identify the area of potential improvement, optimize drilling parameters to ultimately improve ROP and minimize lost time. As an analytical tool, it highlights achievable performance for each field and provide insights to consider new Best Practices.

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