The paper will describe a novel approach of deploying casing through a problematic open hole. It involves a drillable hydraulic motorized casing reamer shoe that can rotate freely without aid of pumping, but once resistance is encountered, pump pressure can then be applied to engage the drive mechanism inside the tool. Thus it will turn into a high-speed reaming shoe that delivers sufficient reaming action.

A market research was done to find a quick intermediate solution to tackle difficulty in deploying casing down to section TD. A turbine based motorized reamer shoe was then selected to encounter the challenge with some risk mitigation in place.

The first deployment was run in the well where it was identified as a challenging well context and had experienced casing being held up in the first run. Despite the fact that a wiper trip has smoothened the hole condition, the parameters that were captured during the running, the finger printing, the cementing job, and the drilling out of the shoe had ticked some boxes to evaluate the suitability of the technology implementation in the field. Moreover, the lessons learned from the first run itself has also led to further testing and modification of the tool design/setup itself.

The detailed analysis and operation feedback from casing running job and subsequent operation will be beneficial to provide other operators in assessing the minimum requirement and suitability of this technology utilization to overcome the drilling challenge.

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