For several decades, completion design has been performed by the Field Development (FD) Team of several offshore fields in Abu Dhabi and installed with minimal Completion Engineering Team contribution. The demand of lower completion requirement has being increased to maximize well portfolio and enhance well life. The completion design is becoming more challenging and import for key to success. Since a companywide re-organisation occurred a dedicated Completion Engineering Department has been formed to develop a plan to standardise & optimise completions in order to reduce phase duration and NPT.

A plan was approved that involved the hiring of a complete engineering department with expertise in many different types of completion and workover operations from all over the globe. This engineering team was brought together from other oil companies and service providers, and tasked with reviewing all current and future completion designs, operations procedures and completion equipment. This was done in order to identify suitability and gaps that were the cause of well construction NPT and identify processes that could be used to reduce or eliminate possible future Well Integrity problems.

When the new organisation was formed completion phase NPT reached over 20%, however three month after the NPT had dropped to 11.1%. Within six months of the engineering team starting to be formed, completion phase duration has reduced by 20% and NPT has reduced by almost 50%. These results have been achieved with a concerted effort to maximize understanding of the equipment available to be deployed and develop standardized completion designs that meet the functional requirements of the Field Development Department. As the department has grown and moves forward, a greater involvement in the development of documents such as but not limited to: scope of work and technical requirements for procurement; further deepens the engineering-centric approach that will continue reducing completion phase duration contributing to the operator strategic goals.

This paper will show how the newly formed engineering team has managed a complex change from a previous organisation to a new one. Whilst the previous completion design and execution methodology was seen to be successful in other operating companies, the successful engineering-centric approach has been proven within other national operator offshore concessions to reduce phase duration and NPT.

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