Big data analytics is the often complex process of examining large andvaried data sets to uncover information. The aim of this paper is to describe how Real TimeOperation Center structuring drilling data in an informative and systematic manner throughdigital solution that can help organizations make informed business decisions and leverage business value to deliver wells efficiently and effectively.

Real Time Operation Center process of collecting largechunks of structured/unstructured data, segregating and analyzing it and discovering thepatterns and other useful business insights from it. The methods were based on structuringa detailed workflow, RACI, quality check list for every single process of the provision of real-timedrilling data and digitally transform into valuable information through robust auditableprocess, quality standards and sophisticated software. The paper will explain RTOC DataManagement System and how it helped the organization determining which data is relevantand can be analyzed to drive better business decisions in the future.

The big data platform, in-house built-in software, andautomated dashboards have helped the company build the links between different assets,analyzing technical gaps, creating opportunities and moving away from manual data entry(e.g. Excel) which was causing data errors, disconnection between information and wastedworker hours due to inefficiency. These solutions leverage analytics and unlock the valuefrom data to enhance operational efficiency, drive performance and maximize profitability.

As a result, the company has successfully delivered 160 wells in 2019 (6% higher than 2019 Business Plan and 10% higher than number of delivered wellsin 2018) more efficiently with 28.2 days per 10kft fornew wells (10% better than 2018), without compromising the well objectives and quality of the wells. Moreover, despite increasing complexity, the highest level ofconfidence on data analytics has permitted the company to go beyond their normaloperating envelop and set a major record for drilling the world's fifth longest well as amilestone in 2019.

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