Cuttings reinjection (CRI) project at OFFSHORE ABU DHABI field achieved successful operation with three million barrels injected to date with zero subsurface failures setting up an environmentally friendly and cost-effective waste management success story that complies with zero discharge requirements.

The project exceeded initial expectations by accommodating non-aqueous drilling waste from jack-up drilling rigs in addition to artificial islands own rigs. Subsurface assurance and engineering workflows proved to be effective in ensuring subsurface containment of drilling waste in challenging environment while ensuring efficiency of operation to meet demanding drilling schedules.

Injection schedules and procedures were based on results of thorough subsurface FEED study and global best practices. Slurry fluid quality requirements were verified thru extensive laboratory tests. Throughout injection operation downhole pressure and temperature of the injection well was vigilantly monitored and analyzed along with well temperature survey and periodic fracture modeling updates of the fracture waste domain to ensure seamless fracturing of formation and containment of waste domain within selected formation.

More than 3 million barrels of drill cuttings and associated drilling waste have been safely and successfully disposed of into a single injection zone of two cuttings reinjection wells over five years of project operation to date. No downtime was experienced and no impact to drilling schedule was induced demonstrating high capability of technology when designed and executed in right way. Results of actual injections showed accuracy and robustness of the engineering workflow implemented from Job design, planning and execution

The paper presents unique and knowledge-based steps that contributed to success of project and set high bar for region for the drilling waste management.

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