Reservoir sections in MRC (Maximum Reservoir Contact) & ERD (Extended Reach Drilling) wells are mainly designed to drill 8 ½" hole, because of drilling limitations with smaller hole size. However, slim hole sizes offer opportunities to revitalize existing wells using re-entry drilling techniques in association with MRC and ERD designs.

This paper discusses the best practices to be implemented in order to mitigate risk, reduce complexity and ensure improved drilling performance.

Re-Entry wells in the field have a risk of well integrity issues such as corroded 9 5/8" casing. In order to mitigate this risk, the corroded 9 5/8" casing should be covered by 7" liner & tied-back to surface before drilling reservoir section. In this situation up to 18,000 ft of 4" DP is used in the wells to drill 6" hole and run 4 ½" lower completion. Offset well analysis, whip stock selection criteria, BHA design, drilling fluid selection, drilling and tripping practices based on torque & drag and hydraulics calculations are most important to achieve the well objective.

The Slim hole MRC well was completed without any issues and achieved good drilling performance. It was observed that the actual drilling parameters such as torque, drag and stand pipe pressure were less than simulated parameters. NAF was selected in the section to reduce the friction factor, while motorized RSS and a reamer stabilizer were used in the BHA to reduce torque, drag and ensure a smooth well profile. A back reaming practice was implemented in hole section to reduce dog leg severity and the open hole was eventually displaced to viscosified brine to minimize the friction factor for running the 4 ½' lower completion. 8500 ft of 6" hole section was drilled and TD was reached at +/- 19,000ft within 50 days including recovering the existing completion, drilling 8 ½" & 6" hole and running completion.

This paper aims to contribute to the oilfield industry by sharing the successfully implemented engineering design and operation execution methodology to overcome the complexities present in Re Entry Wells MRC/ERD wells required to be drilled with slim hole conditions under an optimal cost, time effectiveness and low risk.

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