107 new wells are planned to be drilled primarily from two new Artificial Islands during the period of one project from 2023 to 2029. The number of existing wells in the oil field has reached 1,068 Mother bores, 2,178 wellbores @16,453,666ft total well length as of December 2019. Trajectories, especially from existing Artificial Islands, are getting more complex so as to avoid collision issues, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to drill accordingly. It is of great importance to assure that it is possible to drill the planned wells without serious collision issues before the execution of the project.

Trajectories for planned wells were drafted one-by-one utilizing "DecisionSpace Well Planning" based on the predetermined slot allocation with the planned drilling pad design. Geological models are incorporated into DecisionSpace Well Planning. Therefore, formation tops were taken into account in order to make the trajectories more realistic. After that, trajectories were exported to "COMPASS" and anti-collision scan was performed on well-by-well basis. Anti-collision scan was performed among planned wells as well as actual wells. In case that one well has such serious collision issues that the well cannot/should not be planned based on company policy as a result of Anti-collision scan, trajectory or Landing Point (LP)/Total Depth (TD) location were adjusted. Then, Anti-collision scan was carried out again. If it was confirmed that there is no serious Anti-collision issues, trajectory was considered as final.

It has been found that all the wells during the period from 2023 to 2029 can be drilled without serious collision issues by slightly adjusting LP/TD while satisfying several practical drilling requirements.

Through the Anti-collision study, following recommendations for the avoidance of collision were obtained:

  • Multi Station Analysis (MSA)+In-Field Referencing (IFR)+SAG correction should be applied in all the Jack up operations as well as Island operations

  • Application of real-time MSA should be considered on a case-by-case basis

  • MWD survey for the past wells should be corrected with IFR+MSA to reduce EOU size

  • Re-Gyro jobs for low-quality survey wells should be enhanced around the project's development area

  • Kick off point (KOP) should be deeper in the center of the drilling pad and shallower in the edge of the drilling pad

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