The company vision development plan to capitalize on oil production, sustainability, maximise recovery and as cost effective to reduce number of wells to be drilled requests to drill extended horizontal drains (Oil producer and water Injector).

Subsurface well location optimisation, focus in detail on targets location and the related risks. The present offshore case study, demonstrate furthermore how important to study in detail all hazards along the well path, such as lithology of side-track formation. The risk of well bore stability, collapse is very high in such formation. Subsequently, in case of collapse or drop of scratched portion of rocks, the horizontal drain will be plugged and cease to produce. This case study, demonstrate how this event happens and adequate solution was successfully applied.

To efficiently perform the proposed plan, and develop multilayer geological units with poor to moderate limestone, a detailed reservoir study was performed including all subsurface team and drilling division. It was proposed to drill and complete wells as extended horizontal drain (+3000 ft.), with several designs: multilateral drains or step down 6″open hole.

The first planned well was dual oil producer, two targets, one deviated and the second 6 inch horizontal 3000 ft. length. Feasibility with drilling engineer was performed to study all drilling parameters, drilling hazards, logging requirement, geosteering, equipment preparation and simulation for acid stimulation was showing easy to be executed with barge.

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