Inflow Control Device (ICD) are deployed as a part of downhole completion across the horizontal section in consolidated or unconsolidated formations to overcome challenges posed by long horizontal drains like heel to toe effect and formation heterogeneities. The main objective of ICD completion is to delay water or gas breakthrough by enabling equalization of flux along the wellbore and promote oil by chocking back water in case of water breakthrough.

Recently, for the first time in sandstone fields, a new ICD generation combining three advanced features in one was successfully installed enabling simple and safe deployment of an optimum completion design for a long horizontal well. The new ICD is a combination of new hybrid ICD design, multi-tasking valve (MTV) and premium sand screen.

The new ICD generation incorporates a hybrid design in which the fluid flows in a labyrinth path to achieve optimum pressure drop. The new design makes the ICD highly density dependent and insensitive to viscosity while maintaining a larger flow area which makes is less prone to plugging and erosion compared to conventional ICDs. MTV, a delayed opening valves incorporated into the ICD allowing them to act as a pressure containing liner component. This enables a true flow through full circulation from the bottom of the completion assembly eliminating the need of inner string during deployment.

Having MTV feature in the ICD has made the deployment not only simple and safe but also saved considerable amount of rig operation time compared to conventional ICD screens by eliminating the need for inner string. Risk of low productivity of well due to screen plugging by mud solids in OBM was also reduced by achieving a higher annular velocity during deployment and pumping wellbore clean-up treatment fluid.

This paper will discuss the benefits of the new generation ICD on completion operation based on experience from the first deployment and highlight the operational cost saving by reducing the rig time. In addition, the impact of the new hybrid design on the well production performance will be discussed highlighting the post drilling benefits and how it would prolong the well life.

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