Off-bottom cementing (OBC) operations are unique to Saudi Arabia and also represents one of the most challenging types of drilling and workover operations, when deployed in combination with inflow control devices (ICDs) across horizontal sections. In a conventional ICD system, an inner string with packer setting tools is required for setting open hole packers, and to have 100% circulation at the bottom of the completion, to wash down any tight spots. As a consequence, this introduces additional issues such as health, safety and environment, logistics and additional rig time. The inner string also increases the ICD completion string weight, while deploying the system in the horizontal section, creating more drag and increasing the risk of getting stuck.

The multitasking valve (MTV) feature in the upgraded ICDs offers safe, simple and cost-effective deployment operations. The MTV allows the system to be deployed without the need for an inner string. This will positively impact the deployment by simplifying the complexity in the rig operation while achieving 100% circulation at the shoe. Besides, all the hydraulically activated equipment, such as the liner hanger packer, open hole mechanical packers, etc., can be pressurized and set simultaneously. Furthermore, the ICD completion will weigh less in the horizontal section, resulting in less friction and drag to reach total depth (TD). The MTV feature provides an opportunity to deploy the ICD system and the OBC liner system together in one trip. This paper will discuss the first deployment of a combined ICD system with an OBC system for a workover operation, in a historical oil well producer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The merged system was successfully deployed to depth, then cemented off-bottom, saving approximately 40 hours of rig operation time.

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