A Life Cycle Drilling Simulation System (LCDSS) was utilized during planning, training, and operation in support of a very challenging drilling operation in the Norwegian Sea. The LCDSS constitute a total modeling system tailor-made for planning, advanced training real-time simulation and decision support.

In order to utilize the LCDSS, the work processes were modified and fit-for-purpose communication lines were established.

In preparation, an advanced training session was performed using a dynamic downhole training simulator linked to a topside rig simulator, for training of the drilling teams.

Prior to operation data transfer was established so that during the operation simulations was performed in real time using the ongoing operational parameters as input.

Automatic look-ahead simulations of ECD and temperatures were performed with the calibrated models on the fly as support for decisions.

Every day drilling forecasts were made 12 to 24 hours ahead. This was done by means of a transient planning model populated with all relevant data from the operation. These forecasts were communicated to the drilling team as a basis for the upcoming operation.

This paper will first present the Life Cycle Drilling Simulation System, then elaborate on the use of this in the preparation/training phase and operational phase including forecasting. Special focus will be given to how the work process and communications were modified and the results thereof.

The operation was successful, and the LCDSS was a contributor to this.

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