The paper is focused on emerging plasma-based milling technology enabling wider use of Light Intervention while restoring Well Integrity. The tool should be able to RIH through tubing minimizing footprint of the equipment using coiled tubing system. The presented milling technology uses electrical plasma for material disintegration. A significant advantage is based on the size of disintegrated material when compared to conventional milling producing massive swarf / debris. Analysis of cuttings produced during casing / tubing milling with plasma-based tool shows that their size distribution is based on the major fraction in the range of 1-5 mm. This feature reduces possibilities of intervention failures related to swarf / debris in the well in order to maintain Well Integrity.

The technology is currently under development with expected field testing in 2016. Currently, the technology´s application is focused on Plug & Abandonment (P&A) service while being developed within Joint Industry Project (JIP) with O&G operators and oilfield service provider. Parallel to JIP, the team is capable to customize the technology and the tool itself for applications like slot recovery, side-tracking and pipe recovery. The unique features of the plasma-based technology can be beneficial for several Well Intervention applications in the Middle East region.

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