Though extended reach completion has become more common in Abu Dhabi and the region, there are still challenges to overcome in completing of the lower completion in order to have better control on production, injection and stimulation, especially, when the reservoir characteristics vary along the lateral.

Multiple horizontal wells with different lower completion design have been drilled and completed in the region, e.g. Pre-Perforated Liner (PPL), Limited Entry Liner (LEL), Inflow Control Device (ICD's) & Inflow Control Valve's (ICVs). All of these laterals have been designed to have multiple compartments with certain separation in order to control the stimulation job either by bullheading (pumping from surface) and/or using coiled tubing (acid wash).

All these designs have limitations in either the control or in the number of compartments. Particularly, when early water breakthrough in the producer wells, PPL/LEL are effective, ICD completed wells are not the best for the stimulation jobs, while the ICV completed wells have a restriction in the number of compartments, high temperature wells and liner running.

This paper is to share not only the knowledge but also the complete well design of the Sliding Sleeve Valves (SSVs) lower completion along with the upper completion design and to illustrate how the design will add value to the field development.

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