Most area of North Azadegan oilfield is covered by wetland, especially, in the north part it is covered by reed marshland with 1.5-3m deep water. Meanwhile, there are lots of landmines left during the Iran-Iraq war. It is expensive to construct pads in this area (more than 300 million dollars for one pad). In order to protect environment, decrease dangers to construct pads and save cost on building pads, cluster well is the first choice.

In this paper, well network was optimized first based on geological requirements and environment limits. Formations upper 800m are unconsolidated, 800m-1000m mainly are shale and more stable, Gachsaran contains bout 1800m salt-gypsum in lower part with high formation pressure about 1.8g/cm3 and high pressure salt aquifer with EWD up to 2.31g/cm3. Two plans for kick off point of horizontal wells were considered, in the interval 800-1000m or below Gachsaran. Multi-well anti-collision and avoidance of obstacle were considered and the well profiles were optimized.

15 well pads for cluster wells were designed: 5 pads with 5 horizontal wells, 1 pad with 5 horizontal wells and 1 vertical well, 1 pad with 4 horizontal wells and 8 pads with 2 horizontal wells. This protects environment and saves cost expending on pads building to the maximum extent. After considering effects of KOP on dogleg and inclination and the downhole complications encountered in drilled wells comprehensively, kick off point was built in Gurpi formation about 2300m deep (below Gachsaran). Based on this, optimized the wellbore trajectory, BHA and parameters. By far, all the wells planed have been finished, there is no any collision accident, target hitting rate is 100%, drilling catching rate in reservoir is 100%, both the success rates of electric logging in horizontal interval and casing running in designed depth are 100%.

The drilling experience and expertise in north Azadegan oilfield could be used for a beneficial technical reference for drilling in such complicated environment and complicated formations.

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