During the past decade Vehicle Accident Frequency (VAF) has been steadily improving in an exponential way achieved a world class performance of 0.04 VAF in 2009. Following a slowdown in performance in 2010 and an alarming increase in the first quarter 2011 a new strategy was adopted to bring ADCO drilling road safety performance back to its excellent standard. Immediately following the fourth road accident in the first quarter of 2011, a workshop was organized by the Drilling Division leadership involving all drilling contractors to study the way forward and to discuss all the accidents. Each Manager whose company was involved in an accident had to present the investigation outcome and the way forward. Brainstorming followed the presentations and a plan was set in place.

Part of the plan was to have a stand down for safety for two hours in all the rigs and a high-profile tour with road safety as theme to show ADCO and contractors management commitment to safety and concern with the regard to this alarming increase of accidents. All the rigs were fully shut down for two hours on the same day and mixed management teams from both ADCO and contractors visited all the rigs with the purpose to talk with rig personnel and also to show that safety takes priority over speed of operations. To further improve our safety performance and to keep our employees and contractors safe by focusing on compliance and tackling the cultural issues that can lead to unsafe behavior, ADCO Drilling Division implemented ADCO mandatory 9 Life Protection Rules (LPR). These rules reinforce what employees and contractors must know and do to prevent serious injury or fatality. Drilling Division implemented the LPR in 2012 with special focus on item 1: Road Safety.

As a results of The road safety programme introduced by ADCO Drilling Division in 2012 the Vehicle Accident Frequency went sharply down reaching a world class performance of 0.1, in 2012 and zero injuries; one of the lowest in ADCO Drilling history. Using the same approach in 2013, we have recorded 0.06 VAF in ADCO remote fields: Shah (Brownfield), Qusahwira and Mender (green fields), another indication that ADCO has set a strategy that did enhance the road safety performance and can be used even in remote area with success.

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