This paper describes how a major international oil and gas company is creating a distinctive internal solution for staff capability development - a ‘global wells institute’ - via a three-fold transformation of learning. First, a progression of development ‘roadmaps’, covering technical, management and leadership skills, is designed to provide career-long continuity in professional development. Second, individual progress will be defined by the successful application of skills, with transfer of learning from the classroom to the workplace being formally supported by line managers and a global coaching programme. Third, a systematic performance consulting process will inform a performance improvement cycle, and keep the global wells institute aligned with evolving business needs.

This approach is attractive from the point of view of the learner, contributing to an ‘institute experience’ which is challenging, engaging and rewarding. From a systems perspective, the approach makes the development of people more systematic and controlled.

Similar criteria are being used to select the facilities, technology and instructional practices which will support the global wells institute. On one hand, choices are based on rigorous learning needs and performance analysis. On the other, the end-result inspires those who use the institute - learners and faculty - in the development of themselves and their colleagues. The global wells institute delivers a 21st century capability development solution.

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